What We Do - Employee Passion | Delivering Performance Through People

What We Do

We Build Competitive Advantage

Your people are your Competitive Advantage

We believe that our role is to create ‘game changer’ solutions that make a step change in the performance of the business.


We also believe that the key to peak organisational performance is having high performing employees fully supported by technology and processes that are completely aligned.


Our aim is to create pathways to new ways of working that will ensure successful delivery of the objectives, every time.


We believe passionately that in order to get the best from people there needs to be an organisational environment where individual and collective potential is realised.


We want to work with organisations who share our vision and who recognise that their people are the only source of sustainable competitive advantage.


Before we commence any assignment we apply a range of diagnostic tools to health check your organisation so that we can have an evidence based discussion about the next steps.

Employee Passion – Beyond Engagement

We work with you to profile the state of your workforce, identify the diverse drivers of employee passion and understand which aspects of the relationships are working and which are not.


We can identify the groups that are most at risk, devise strategies to build levels of passion and deliver change interventions designed to improve individual, team and organisational performance.


Our work is based on evidence gained from analysis which is underpinned by a research-based model enabling precise measures of employee passion to be assessed.

Team Alignment

In very simple terms a team is aligned when all members of the team work in sync to accomplish a common purpose.


Our alignment process begins with the senior team and cascades through “multi-tier” alignments at succeeding levels.


We develop teams that are strategically and operationally in sync, are clear about goals and accountabilities, share common ground and rules for resolving issues and work together transparently.

Culture Change – It’s all about Culture

Company culture is at the heart of competitive advantage, because it determines how things are done and how people behave.


It is the hardest thing for competitors to copy and every business change programme is about people.


High performing organisations create an environment with a passion for performance – so that people make the right decisions and do the right thing wherever they are in the business.


We undertake culture change either as a stand-alone project or as part of a system redesign to create ideas and foster performance improvements.

Leadership Development

We believe leadership begins with personal awareness and responsibility.


The culture of the company can’t be transformed unless leaders are willing to examine and transform their own behaviours.


We encourage leaders to create meaning for teams to drive change and deliver results that lead to business improvement.


We help leaders to develop the vision and communication skills needed to create environments of high performance that deliver results.

Customer Focus – The source of real Growth

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies must develop a customer-focused approach to stay ahead.


It is essential to understand who your customers are, what drives them and how to stand out from your competitors by responding to their wants and needs.


We are passionate about aligning organisational culture with business strategy and finding creative solutions to today’s organisational development challenges.

Change Management

Change Management is a process that will deliver a new operating environment without disrupting current operations. Seems straightforward – well not really.


Whatever change you need to implement to transform your business the answer always lies in your people.


We don’t do ‘Change in a Box’ with a one size fits all approach.


We offer real hands-on experience and provide all the practical tools and techniques to deliver your business change successfully

Business Performance – Price, Customers, Costs and Employees

At a fundamental level there are 4 actions you can undertake to improve your business;


  • Increase prices,
  • Recruit more customers,
  • Reduce costs or
  • Increase the performance of your employees.


We design, facilitate and accelerate business transformation programmes that allow businesses to become the best in their segment.

Performance Management

Managing performance often fails to recognise the critical importance of building trust based relationships.


We can help you put in place a performance improvement culture that is far more than controls, measures and targets.


We encourage you to ‘think differently’ about your performance management systems so that they will be actively embraced by both managers and staff leading to tangible, positive performance management solutions.