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Evidence Based – The Need For Diagnosis


Change interventions can be incredibly disruptive for organisations.


Making sure you are starting in the correct position is critical to maximise the ‘buy in’ potential of any intervention and this can only be achieved through accurate diagnosis.


It’s about more than current state and desired state, it’s about ensuring that the programme addresses the issues accurately, quickly and with the least amount of disruption.


Not only do your employees need to be looking after your ‘business as usual’ position but they also need to engage in facilitation sessions to embed the process of change.


Would you ever undertake any remedial work of any size without knowing what to fix? It’s the same for your business.



Our online assessment tools are proprietary to us and have been specifically designed to provide an integrated level of understanding across our three main areas of interest: Values, Alignment and Culture.


We strongly believe that for employees to go beyond ‘enthusiastic engagement’ you need a workplace that is fully supportive of the emotional investment they are making.


Employees do not invest their time in your process or your technology but in the relationship they have with you as an employer, their managers and their colleagues.


The organisation must fully understand what level they are at in the minds of the employees and the gap that exists between perceptions by the business and reality of the employees.


Values – The Connect Survey

  • The survey measures in detail the level of passion within your workforce and shows the gap between employee expectations and the organisation’s performance. More information


Alignment – Alignment Survey

  • The survey assesses the position at both the team level and organisation and provides a roadmap for improving cross-functional relationships. More information


Culture – Culture Survey

  • The survey delivers an assessment of the type of culture within yourorganisation, its effect on your employees and shows how well an individual’s needs are satisfied. More information


DiSC – Workplace behaviour assessments

  • Everything DiSC® is a leading assessment and learning tool, trusted by over 1 million people every year, improving communication, teamwork and productivity. More information

The Change Process


We use the ADKAR¹ change model as the basis for all our thinking when it comes any consultation activities with any organisation.


The ADKAR model is an outcome or goal-oriented management model that represents the five milestones that must be achieved in order for change to be successful: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.


The old adage of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ is never more true when it comes to any organisational change activities.


The reason many intervention activities don’t achieve the desired outcomes is because businesses are often not fully prepared for the tasks they are about to undertake.


Time spent in building awareness and desire at all levels of the organisation is a great investment and will underwrite the success of any change activities.


¹ ADKAR is a change model methodology developed and owned by Prosci Inc.